Discover A New Way Of Buying Homes In Italy

Don’t Be Fooled By Randomness

Know the legal status of the property you want to buy, before paying any sums or obliging yourself by signing any document.

It’s a multi-year proven process, an innovative way of purchasing done to avoid the classic “Home Buyer Burnout” or future litigations.

You can do it for ANY property in Italy, choosing at least the essential protection we offer you.

Buying A Home In Italy Isn’t So Easy…

Real estate scams affect Thousands of people every year.  Scammers use ever-changing methodologies to lure victims who are usually people who have no experience in real estate sales. It is even easier to fall into these pitfalls when you add the difficulty of the language barrier. Thanks to us, you can be sure that your worries are reduced to zero and translated into legal safeguards.

How to solve the problems?

International buyers are frequently confused about what to do. For this and other reasons, in the case of a real estate purchase in Italy, it is always advisable to be assisted by qualified professionals, with a high reputation and extensive experience in that area for the tranquility of a safe transaction, that is expected as the realization of a Dream, that can otherwise easily become a Nightmare.

Govoni & Partners is a company that encompasses various professionals for a secure real estate transaction in the whole purchase process. Our Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Architects, Surveyors, and other Technicians are ready to assist the Client with safe, transparent, and qualified assistance. It is crucial with the difficult Italian bureaucracy, and legislation, constantly subject to changes.

Become a Laser-Focus Buyer

The foreign buyer is unaware of whether there are indeed unresolved issues about the property they are buying. This is why it is advisable to buy our legal digital products, even the basic ones, which however certify the regularity and give the peace of mind of a professional on your side.

A safe purchase does not happen by chance. Standard buyers spend countless hours frantically trying to understand the purchase process and searching for properties among thousands of listings. When they finally find the property, they have problems during and after the purchase, or when they decide to resell that property.

Every year in Italy there are about 15,000 litigation cases related to real estate! Such an important event cannot be entrusted to a Russian Roulette.

How it works

After Decades Of Experience, We Have Created Digital Products That Can Be Purchased Online – From The Comfort Of Your Home – Allowing You To Shop Safely Without Problems, Realizing One Of Everyone’s Most Sought-After Dreams: Being The Owner Of A Property In Italy, One Of The Most Loved Countries In The World.

The Customer chooses the digital product and pre-orders it, like a common purchase online, in a few hours he receives an email from our team and the creative process begins. In this way, misunderstandings and delays typically due to communications with various professionals are avoided.

Once the Consumer decides to proceed, we move on to the next phase. The process will start in which our team will carry out research and verification work at the competent Italian Public Offices. When the information is collected, the “tailor-made” digital product ordered on schedule will be created.

Updates on the progress of the practice will be made via email. Finally, the Consumer will receive an email with the chosen digital product. Eg. in Product 1, you will receive the PDF explaining the legal status of the property and the title, if you can proceed with the purchase of that house, and why.

The email communication allows us to be more clear, keep track of the progress, and also keep the price low compared to the quality of the services offered, done by very qualified professionals, experts in the real estate matter. The buyer finally has a clear document in hand before purchasing.

choose your tailormade formula

Why should you pre-order?  We are a “boutique” group with a limited number of professionals, we may already be full of work and not be able to assist you … Pre-order now to be sure to buy the house safely and without future problems!

✅ Basic Protection

Legal Shield (LS)

Get legal due diligence, cadastral control, verification of third-party rights, and much more, for ANY property in Italy, even for ruined ones.

Very affordable, suggested even for a 5-Figure home purchase.

✅✅ Great Protection

LS + Contract

We draft proper preliminary contract with clauses tailored case by case. In this way, you crystalize the agreements of the parties before the Closing.

Still cheaper than a Real Estate Agent fee! Usually for a 6-Figure+ home purchase.

✅✅✅ TOP Protection

Be the Only One

With this digital product you will be the only one to have a legal priority over any other hidden negotiations that the seller may have.

Still cheaper than purchase taxes. For Particular Cases and for 7-Figure+ Transactions.

Do you need a buyer agent for your purchase? Did you find a property or you still loooking for it and need assistance? get in touch! fill the form in the following button.

Don’t leave things to chance

Don’t be fooled by randomness

We simplify the purchase process, breaking it down into small steps, based on first principles, allowing the Client to purchase the property in Italy with the level of protection of his choice.

The sale of other people’s houses, In this case, the scammers are a real criminal gang, each with a specific task. After renting a property, they falsify its documents and sell the property to another member of the gang. By doing so, the gang manages to get hold of the property and can use it as a guarantee to request a loan from the bank or resell it to an unsuspecting buyer.

You are in Good Hands

We do our best to make you feel safe.

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