About Us

Govoni & Partners offers a complete service for those who want to buy a property safely and associate this event with something happy to remember for a long time.

Our Team is highly qualified and selected in order to offer quality and courtesy.

We offer a 360-degree consultancy service for the purchase of properties in Sardinia.

Our assistance mainly concerns residential transactions of any type: luxury properties, castles, villas, independent houses, apartments, penthouses, new buildings (customizable), but also homes in need of renovations.  

Furthermore, we offer legal advice regarding properties present in court auctions*.  

*In this case, we follow these purchases, only for transactions with a minimum budget of € 500.000. Contact us for further information.

We Are Different

The main consulting services concern:

  • Property finders – in case you can’t find the right house in our database;
  • Legal check for ownership, and property rights;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Drafting of offers, agreements, and contracts;
  • Mediation and Negotiation;
  • Remote purchase with Special Power of Attorney (PoA);
  • Escrow account service with a public notary;
  • Assistance in closing, as part of our turnkey projects, we offer complete ready-to-use solutions;
  • Renovation and Homes’ Refurbishment;
  • Advice for the possible resale of the property.

The Company boasts consolidated professional expertise in targeted promotion, including social channels and international platforms in the real estate sector.

This allows the purchase and sale of properties safely and with the utmost peace of mind, including transactions with mortgage, even for international customers.

The team of real estate consultants of Govoni & Partners are fluent in many languages ​​and follow clients in the purchase and sale of the property of their dreams.


Davide Govoni

Real Estate Lawyer



Sara Govoni

Real Estate Agent



Emmanuele Govoni

Real Estate Lawyer


For Sellers: Sales, Marketing, Data

We operate in the field of marketing, real estate leads generation, innovative marketing plans, through effective and targeted advertising, on social media, on our domains, on specialized platforms, and through our many international channels.

The company offers customers great visibility for the best property sale deal at the right price. The main task is to increase the performance of data-driven marketing, which is achieved by applying in-depth product and services knowledge to data science.
The assistance is extended to the delivery of the keys to the buyer, which will take place exclusively upon the transfer of the money to the seller’s account, in order to avoid problems that can lead to legal litigation.

For Buyers: Property Search & Legal Protection

We assist the Client in searching for the property among the various properties on the market. Once the property has been identified, we verify that there are no issues that will lead to problems in the sale, through a detailed legal analysis. If everything is correct, we negotiate, and we draw up the purchase proposal or the preliminary contract thanks to the collaboration of our pool of lawyers. On this occasion, the ad hoc contractual clauses are defined for the protection of the Client, so the clauses are “tailored” case by case.

Regarding the deposit of the down payments, we make the procedure streamlined, smooth and effective, so that the customer feels safe to transfer the sums without worries or hassles.