The Cow Beach in Sardinia

Sardinia is known for being a corner of paradise with unforgettable flavors, aromas, and colors. It is also a symbol of centuries-old, uncontaminated, genuine land that still preserves places that seem magic, with the ability to offer incredible experiences and feelings. 

In the eastern part of the island, there is a beach that is becoming famous. Berchida Beach, between the stunning beaches of Capo Comino and Cala Liberotto, in the province of Nuoro. For what this beach is special, besides the crystal clear and turquoise water?

The Cows getting a tan!

Here is the prized Charolais breed of cattle, imported from the French region of Charolles. The Contu family at least twice a year for an ancient tradition existing as transhumance. The cows migrate transitioning from the highlands area towards the plains along the natural routes of the place for the best pasture. 

On this particular journey, the cows walk on the beaches of Berchida and seem to be the undisputed queens of the area. White as the white donkeys of Asinara National Park.

Bahamas Pig Beach

For this reason, other similar locations immediately come to mind, such as the famous Bahamas Pig Beach where the pigs follow, play and swim with the curious people who come to take some selfies. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go right and someone paid the consequences, like the model and athlete Michelle Lewin who in a video posted on Instagram – @michelle_lewin – showed that a pig “kindly” bitten her well-defined back.

Peaceful and Spiritually-Enriching

On the opposite, the mighty bovine that is the main character of Berchida beach seems to be almost like a hero. And here the sense of holiness mentioned above, it is probably only a semblance, but looks like a Gaumata, in the Hindi language “the mother who feeds”, almost a universal path to wellness, bliss, and spiritually-enriching elements

You can definitely admire them when they looking for grassy pastures along the coast, pouring forward the beach to rest, quenching its thirst in the nearby stream that flows into the sea. In conclusion, a scene from the past that makes the island of Sardinia even more typical, thus offering an unforgettable experience to the people who come there.