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4 Methods on how to buy a house in Italy

Buying a house in Italy for a foreigner can be done in different ways, it is a costly, energy, and time-consuming operation.

The question arises spontaneously, which is the most convenient way to buy a property in Italy for a foreigner? Of course, convenience must not be parameterized only from an economic point of view but also to a series of problems that can arise at any moment of the process that can ruin a good life plan and even be the reason for a further waste of money.
Let’s look at the most common purchasing methods.

The first method

is the classic do-it-yourself. You can try to buy on your own trying to find out in advance online what the main problems are, what are the behaviors to be adopted in the various stages of the sale.
Often those who intend to buy in this way rely on the information found in Facebook groups of other people who have already lived this experience.

A second way

is to buy assisted by a real estate agent, as perhaps the property found online has been promoted by a real estate agency and is therefore contacted to receive his assistance. The purchase with the de facto agent can turn out to be a simple brokerage in fact according to Italian law the agent has no other obligation other than to connect buyer and seller and by matching supply and demand is entitled to his commission.

A third way

is to be assisted by a lawyer or a law firm. This offers a greater guarantee, especially in order to avoid legal problems underlying the sale which unfortunately often we realize their existence only after having signed binding documents such as a purchase proposal or worse a preliminary contract and having paid sums of money generally to the security deposit.

The cases described above are the three most commonly used ways of buying a property in Italy for a foreign citizen. Having assisted hundreds of clients in their legal interests in Italy over the course of over a decade, we have developed a personal purchasing methodology that adequately responds to the most requested needs and the greatest protections for foreign or Italian buyers who are not resident in Italy of existing properties on our territory.

This fourth method

allows the purchase of a property in Italy with the assistance of our real estate agency, the legal control (prior to the offer and supervision up to the deed) by the law firm, with a series of contractual protections through clauses ad hoc, with the possibility of financing from the bank which generally intervenes with 50% of the financing of the purchase price. Even the passage of money in the embryonic forms of the procedure takes place in complete safety so that the buyer does not have to trust any intermediary but is sure that his money goes to the seller at the agreed time. A further case study arises when buying a property to renovate. In this case, we offer the assistance of professionals such as architects, engineers, and a renovation company that will be able to cover the aspect of construction management, design, and real estate development both in the construction from scratch, both in renovations and in defining the design of the property to the taste of the customer. Each situation is contractually defined in a simple, clear, and transparent way.

Generally, this type of assistance is provided by us for residential purchases.

The commission required for this service is very close to the average of the ordinary commission of a real estate agency, although the simple intermediation includes the legal control that locks the transaction, offering the buyer a safe and peaceful experience.

In any case, each phase is always first budgeted and counted, so that the customer can decide which service is closest to his needs. For example, as regards the cost relating to construction management, real estate development, and renovations, since it is another service, subsequent and possible, it is not included in the aforementioned consulting fee.

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