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About Us

Our Story

Govoni & Partners is a young company but has deep roots.

The Company merges professionals in the marketing, real estate, legal, and tourism sectors with over a decade of experience. This allows us to offer a unique, interdisciplinary, complete, transparent service. In fact, the client’s interests are treated personally and with the utmost seriousness, without neglecting human relationships.

In 2002, we started working with international clients as representatives of the Tourism Local Office in Sardinia;

In 2010, was born Govoni Law Firm, to assist international clients buying homes in Italy with proper legal assistance;

In 2015, more lawyers join the team;

In 2016, an Architect join our team to offer, with a related Development Company, also the services of property development, turnkey homes, renovations, and interior design;

In 2017, was born our Real Estate Agency, offering high-quality brokerage, especially for residential homes;

In 2020, was born our Media and Marketing Company to complete our offer focusing on aimed promotion, sales growth, data analysis, and lead generation;

In 2021, with the pandemic situation, we expanded and empowered our services online, growing our listing in the whole Italian territory.

Today, we offer a full range of services and tools for the international buyer that wants to live the Italian lifestyle, buying in complete peace of mind.

More about us..

Govoni & Partners offers a complete service for those who want to buy a property safely and associate this event with something happy to remember for a long time.

Our Team is highly qualified and selected in order to offer quality and courtesy. Beyond business, we like to establish and keep good personal relationships.

We are a group of real estate professionals with a focus on international Clients interested in purchasing homes and properties in Italy. We assist them in searching, screening, and buying homes, in complete peace of mind. 

We are native Sardinians and therefore we know and work mainly in that market, thanks to our network of partners, we assist Clients in many of the main Italian regions.

The Team

emmanuele govoni

Emmanuele Govoni

Lawyer, dealing with real estate transactions, and contracts.
He loves Italian style, minimalism, luxury, and wellness. He has traveled for work throughout Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Over ten years of work experience.

davide govoni

Davide Govoni

Lawyer, reader, and writer, he is present as a trusted professional in the lists of lawyers in the main Embassies of the world. He loves nature and in his free time, he dedicates himself to taking care of the body and mind. He deals with real estate transactions and due diligence.

sara govoni

Sara Govoni

Real Estate Agent, Director of the Agenzia Immobiliare Sarda (Sardinian Real Estate Agency), 2 Degrees cum Laude: 1 in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, 1 in Law. She loves reading, she has published a book about Sardinia. She has 20+ years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

stefania monti
Stefania Monti
Graduated in Literature, passionate about creative writing, avid reader. Since 2022, she offers her cultural contributions, taking care of the contents of the Govoni & Partners website and media.

govoni building

buy the right place with the right people

We aim for the Client’s satisfaction

We are real estate consultants, lawyers, real estate agents, architects, and developers. Different professionals with the same work area, passion for homes, wellness, and style.