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bastioni alghero, lato mare, sardegna

Alghero is a wonderful town located in the northwest of Sardinia, just 36 km from Sassari, famous for its tourist attractions, including the splendid sea that bathes its coast and the extraordinary beauty of architecture that adorns its Old Town. There are many other names with which it was renamed, from “Barceloneta” (little Barcelona) to “the Catalan city of Italy”. Alghero can in fact be compared to an island within the island, as it is the only example of the persistence of the Catalan language following the domination by the people of the Iberian north. You can still hear this language spoken with a musical inflection in its oldest variant, among the streets of the old city, as if popular tradition had managed to crystallize it in that form by stopping time.

The Alghero-Fertilia “Riviera del Corallo” airport is located about 10 km from the city center and is one of the most important airports in Sardinia.

The exceptional beauties of the ancient city, from the sixteenth-century bastions to the churches in the Gothic and Baroque style

The historic center of Alghero is made up of architectural wonders dating back to different eras and built according to the canons of multiple styles, which give the town a unique and incomparable charm. The majestic Spanish ramparts built in the 15th century surround the ancient heart of the city; walking along the streets next to the walls, the changing colors of the sea reign supreme on the horizon, offering incredible views that are offered to the eye without ever ceasing to enchant.

Among the houses with low roofs cobbled streets wind their way to Renaissance or neoclassical buildings, to Baroque churches such as that of S. Michele, whose polychrome dome is one of the symbols of Alghero, and to towers still perfectly preserved, whose history has its roots in the Catalan, Aragonese and Savoyard past of the city. The most famous towers, such as the Tower of Sulis which dominates the square of the same name, or the tower of Porta Terra, alternate with counter-thrust arches that dominate the alleys and the friezes that adorn the ancient noble palaces. Among the numerous buildings stands the pyramidal spire of the bell tower of the cathedral of Santa Maria, a splendid cathedral characterized by different architectural styles, from Catalan Gothic to the neoclassical one that distinguishes the façade of the pronaos. Among the most interesting squares are Piazza Civica, surrounded by elegant buildings and refined restaurants, and the characteristic square that houses the city theater and which takes its name from it.

The beaches of Alghero, between the coast of summer nightlife and paradisiacal coves

The beaches and coves of Alghero are among the most popular in Sardinia, overlooking the waters of intense colors and featuring stretches of soft sand or majestic cliffs overlooking the sea. The Lido, a coastline that runs alongside the entire route of the Bousquet promenade, is the most popular in the city and is located a stone’s throw from the nightlife venues that enliven the summer in Alghero. Other beaches are characterized by a wilder beauty, from the Bombarde beach to that of the Lazzaretto, up to the splendid dunes of Porto Conte, where it is also possible to visit the natural park.

On the promontory of Capo Caccia, renowned for its cliffs, stands a beautiful lighthouse. In this area, thanks to the service offered by specialized tourist guides, you can explore the suggestive Grotte di Nettuno, a spectacular underground world sculpted by nature.

Alghero, the city of coral

The tradition of coral processing has been rooted in the city of Alghero since ancient times, which is why it has become one of the symbols of the city, so much so that it is depicted in its coat of arms. The master craftsmen are able to create splendid jewels and jewels, many of which are kept in the dedicated museum.

History: Palmavera and Anghelu Ruju, the wonders of the Nuragic civilization

In the direction of Porto Conte, there is the Nuragic complex of Palmavera, whose traditional Sardinian prehistoric buildings create a landscape with a magical atmosphere, where the past of the nuraghi civilization continues to live. Near the airport of Alghero, on the other hand, there is the pre-Nuragic necropolis of Anghelu Ruju with its burial caves, the famous Domus de Janas, which are also witnesses of the ancient historical heritage of the people who trod this land thousands of years ago.

Real estate investments in the Catalan city

The real estate market in this Catalan city is particularly lively, which is why investing in the purchase of a property in Alghero is certainly a winning choice from different points of view. The town is a bulwark among Sardinian tourist destinations and beyond, as well as ensuring a high quality of life. In addition, the area is home to the architecture department of the University of Sassari, which attracts students from all over the island and qualifies as one of the best in Italy.

Considering the great demand for summer vacation accommodation in Alghero, earning a property is certainly one of the most profitable investment methods. Taking into account the differences due in location and type, the average price for the purchase of a property in Alghero is approximately 2,275 euros/sqm. The average rent of a rental, on the other hand, is around 10.70 euros/sqm. The most suitable areas to make a good purchase are those of the historic center, where prestigious properties are concentrated and therefore listed at important prices, the central area of ​​Mercede, the Lido district, and Calabona, both of which directly overlook the sea.

In Calabona, in the last few years, have been built some amazing seafront modern buildings, with luxury furniture and amazing sea view.

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