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Property Finders

In Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Milan, and the rest of the world, especially in London, New York, Miami, Dubai, Paris, and Barcelona.

The concept of real estate purchase to live in a place like any other is now out of date. Today the house is the center of interest par excellence. Whether it is the primary residence or a holiday home. We make our experience available to satisfy the needs of our customers at all stages of the purchase, from research to the final purchase.
We work mainly in the interest of residential real estate buyers.

Every place in the world is now reachable. We try to be close to our customers who intend to have a qualified interlocutor who interfaces in their place in the negotiations and in the mediation of the real estate sale in which they are interested. This is also thanks to a network of professionals in the area and the connections we’ve built over time.

A tailor-made job

Just as the tailor takes the measurements and creates the tailored suit, so we do research in the wide global real estate market. Over twenty years of experience serving an increasingly demanding clientele.

Single interlocutor

We are a family of brokers. Over the course of our life, we have understood that mediating is a winning skill and always a preferable weapon for achieving great results. In the real estate world, you come into contact with a multitude of intermediaries, and having a single interlocutor is crucial to making the purchase path less confusing and effective.

Buying & Having fun

Before leaving for a vacation, a trip is organized by choosing your favorite destination to enjoy breathtaking views, unique locations, and the main cultural and culinary attractions of the place. Everything must match your tastes and expectations as closely as possible. The energies must converge so that you can remember the time that has passed, in the best way.

We see in the purchase of that ticket the ideal moment for being contacted by a potential buyer. The journey you are about to make must be simple and as comfortable as possible to reach that destination, and the stay must be just as pleasant as possible and far from being stressful.

Global Network of Professionals

We are able to guarantee global professionalism according to the ethical principles that have always characterized and distinguished us. We are aware that the support and a guaranteed local presence thanks to the collaboration of selected qualified local agents make the difference.

Luxury and Exclusivity

We deal with luxury and prestigious properties. The concept of luxury is not limited to a high price but is connected to elements of uniqueness, difficulty to find, or strong exclusivity. Experience is the key to our research. Preferring a place, a type of house, or a particular view completely changes the point of view and ensures an unforgettable stay. Quality of life is another synonym for what you want to achieve.

The customer is increasingly looking for a good life, away from everything that causes stress or pain. Luxury properties give access to unique experiences for those who own them.

It is essential to regain possession of one’s work/life balance and, if necessary, create a new one.

We are Family

Our Group starts with the Family. We are a family with solid principles and values, we work with professionalism and we give crucial importance to the human aspect. Everything starts from the family, if there is union and communion of intent, the results are incredible. We are proof that this is true.

We are a family of real estate consultants. We understand the needs of the buyers and have a tailor-made approach that allows us to offer real estate proposals that reflect the wishes and expectations of our customers with speed and professionalism.

Often these properties are promoted to local buyers, we want to introduce them to an international audience. Being a family that worked and stayed strong over time, allows us to offer a quality and serious service. The principles that are cornerstones of our way of behaving determine our identity and we try to make it reflect better in our actions.

Customer satisfaction is essential not only from a professional point of view but also from the human one. In addition to being accurate and quick in communications, we are convinced that empathy plays a fundamental role in the various parties involved. We have a lean and efficient organization that has been producing excellent results in the real estate sector for over 20 years.

Our consulting methodology has been refined over time and allows us to assist the buyer successfully, from the search for the property to the deed of sale.

Laser-Focus Property Search

To find properties in exclusive places for our clients, we travel throughout Europe, the United States, and the most sought-after locations in the world

Today information is within everyone’s reach, but it takes time and energy to achieve a result that unfortunately sometimes does not come close to the desired one. This is why we provide our professionalism in the search for the property in the interest of the buyer. Time is the most precious currency.

Buying the Experience

In a 2017 report, the Boston Consulting Group describes a change in trajectory from the “luxury of having” to the “luxury of being“. The greater exclusivity of luxury is derived from the experience not from materiality in itself.

The transformative experience of the way of life in our century strongly mirrors the place we call home. This is why the unforgettable experience is the one spent in a place where serenity, joy, and rhythm are perceived, but also fun, entertainment, and happiness.

Our business model is designed to live up to international quality standards.

Market Analysis

We base our assessments on official market data and real transactions, with regular information. However, let’s not forget that the history behind a property, the location, the architectural peculiarities and the details, strongly influence the selling price.

We tell stories that make you perceive the purchase of an experience, not just of a property.


After having made a selection of the properties on the market, which are well suited to the tastes provided by the customer, we present a list of properties ready to be visited, usually 3. According to our clients, the savings in time and energy that are often invested in order to reach a well-defined short-list is really appreciable.

The approach we use when we interface with the various intermediaries in the interest of our client leads us to eliminate downtime and stem wasted time. We enjoy an organization that allows us to be committed and practical to achieve the best possible result.

Agreement and Closing Deed

As for the real estate properties in Italy, once the choice has been identified, it is submitted to the customer. If interest is shown, the property is subjected to a series of cadastral and urban planning checks, also by drawing on the information in the real estate registers and at the municipal offices where the property is located.

We employ the professionalism built up over years of study and experience by conducting negotiations and any necessary investigation. We take care of drafting the purchase proposal with the clauses sewn to the specific case. We translate the forecasts represented by the customer into legal form in order to guarantee their best protection. We take care of the safe transfer of money, whether as a down payment, or other deposit so that there are no problems regarding any parties that could act in bad faith.

We follow the client until the deed, in front of the notary. In Italy, great importance is given to ownership, the formality par excellence of its transfer takes place before the notary. After having signed the final deed, he certifies, as a public official, that the property has a new owner.

Property for sale in London, New York, Miami, Barcelona..

In the case of properties for sale in other parts of the world, we assist from the research to the final deed, in which the buyer becomes the owner and we suggest professionals be hired for regularity checks, in order to proceed with a safe purchase even in that case.

Our system works all over the world and is not limited to territorial borders.

Understanding the needs of our customers and meeting them by matching with the right properties is an art. Over the years, in an increasingly globalized world, many of our clients have asked us to assist them in their real estate interests also outside Italy. That’s one of the main reasons that made us grow globally.

So first we acted as property finders and buyer agents in Sardinia, then in Rome, Milan, and Tuscany, then in Puglia and Sicily. Later, we began to offer our services also for purchases in major international destinations such as London, New York, Miami, and Barcelona.

We offer a free Monthly Newsletter with the main real estate news and newly acquired properties before they are included in the official listings.