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Lake Maggiore

lago maggiore

Lake Maggiore (in Italian, Lago Maggiore) is a natural area of ​​rare beauty, framed by the lands of Piedmont, Lombardy, and Switzerland. The landscapes of the various localities that overlook its banks are dominated by the green of the valleys and by the colors of a luxuriant flora composed of holm oaks, lemons, and olive trees. At Lake Maggiore, there are charming villages and towns, rich in elegant monuments and vast gardens with the most varied vegetation, capable of creating a wonderful panorama with an enchanted atmosphere.
The closest airports to the Lake Maggiore area are those of Lugano-Agno, located about 15.4 km away, in Ticino, and the Milan-Malpensa airport, located about 42.8 km away.

The Borromean Islands, among ancient palaces and flourishing gardens

Montesquieu called Lake Maggiore “the most beautiful place in the world”, and certainly the largest of the Borromean islands, Isola Bella and Isola Grande, help to enhance its splendor. Isola Bella boasts the presence of the Borromeo palace, which was built by the illustrious noble family in the seventeenth century. Among its sumptuous rooms, there are works by important artists of the past, along a special gallery are exhibited Flemish tapestries, while some rooms were created to simulate the landscape of a cave, thanks to the coating of various stones applied to the walls, also adorned with stucco decorations representing marine subjects, such as shells, dolphins, and nymphs. On the opposite side of the island, there are several botanical gardens that are home to lush flora, as well as Baroque-style sculptures and architecture.

Isola Madre also qualifies as a precious place in the context of the lake landscape, thanks to a botanical garden where rare trees and floral species from all over the world find their home. Also on this island, there is one of the Borromeo palaces, which is adorned with the most varied artistic assets derived from the different historical homes of the family.

Stresa, the jewel in the crown of Lake Maggiore

Stresa is a small town located in the Borromean Gulf, where its horizon is embellished by the islands of the homonymous archipelago. Stresa is also distinguished by the presence of historic buildings and refined aesthetics, in neoclassical styles, such as the renowned Villa Ducale, or Art Nouveau, such as those that stand out along the lakeside path, an area of ​​the place where you can enjoy pleasant walks. The locality is interested in the realization of musical and cultural events that intensify the vitality of this social reality with a tourist vocation.

Between medieval villages and monasteries overlooking the lake

The shores of Lake Maggiore are famous for the numerous medieval villages, whose castles and palaces give the places a unique and bewitching environment. Among the most renowned medieval villages is Lesa, with the remains of the fortresses of Castellaccio and Vecchio Castello, Arona, located like the previous one in the province of Novara, with its marvelous arcades surrounding the main square, Angera, in the province of Varese, the whose fortress still remains intact in the present time. The Rocca di Angera, set among the rocks overlooking the lake, has magnificent towers and internal rooms full of frescoes and prestigious paintings, which have always attracted the attention of visitors to the locality. At Leggiuno, on the Lombard shore, there is an ancient monastery overlooking the lake, the famous hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, which can also be reached thanks to specially prepared boat excursions.

Sports in the Lake Maggiore region, from sailing to skiing

In the Lake Maggiore region, it is possible to practice different sports, thanks to the variety of environments present. Sailing is practiced on the waters of the lake all year round and regattas are periodically organized. Furthermore, Lake Maggiore is also a favorite destination for canoe and kayak lovers. There are many trekking enthusiasts who choose the valleys of the locations of Lake Maggiore, in particular those belonging to the Val Grande National Park, one of the largest in Europe. On Mount Mottarone there is an important ski resort very popular with mountain lovers.

Real estate investments in the Lake Maggiore area

The towns overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore enjoy considerable prestige thanks to the beauty of the natural landscapes, the elegance of the buildings, and the high quality of life. The cities and villages of Lake Maggiore offer an excellent compromise between the serenity of the surrounding context and proximity to large cities such as Milan and Turin. The real estate market in the area is therefore particularly flourishing, especially as regards the luxury residential area, which is distinguished by the presence of many prestigious villas with exclusive characteristics.

The most popular types of properties are villas with large sizes, terraces and green spaces, and historic properties that have been renovated or recently built. The most popular locations are Stresa, Verbania, and Arona on the Piedmont side, while Angera, and Luino on the Lombardy side. Owning a residence in the Lake Maggiore region allows you to enjoy a very high quality of life. Furthermore, investing to earn income through a lease is a particularly profitable strategy as the area is a sought-after tourist destination.

The average selling price of a property in Stresa is around 2,965 euros / sq m, while the rental income is around 9.91 euros / sq m per month. Slightly lower is the average selling price in the city of Verbania, around 2,258 euros / sq m, while in Arona it drops to 1,847 euros / sq m, both offer the possibility of an average rental income similar to that of Stresa.
In Angera, the average selling price of a property is around 1,704 euros / sq m and the rental income is around 8.35 euros / sq m per month, in Luino respectively 1,594 euros / sq m and 9.77 euros / sq m per month.

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