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Porto Cervo: Luxury in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Location & Meaning

On the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, there is a fabulous seaside village located in a natural bay that reminds of a deer called Porto Cervo (“Cervo” means “Deer” in Italian), the exclusive and undisputed architectural jewel of the Emerald Coast created in the seventies by a brilliant intuition of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV. Several personalities took part in this project, such as the French set designer Jacques Couelle, the creator of the Cala di Volpe Hotel and the architect Luigi Vietti, who gave the name “Costa Smeralda” and again the architect Michele Busiri Vici creator of the famous church Stella Maris, a real jewel that dominates Porto Cervo Marina.

Porto Cervo Marina & Jet Set

The Cala di Volpe Hotel, for example, is by now the undisputed reference point of “high society”, synonymous with great prestige but also with privacy. This is in fact a structure with highly refined elements and design that trace perfectly the Costa Smeralda style, made of simple and linear shapes, fine finishes with soft colors such as ceramics, local glasses and refined furnishings that have made Porto Cervo the ideal location for international characters such as Margaret and Tony of England, Constantine of Greece, Audrey Hepburn, the Agnelli’s, the Ranieri of Monaco.

Nowadays, in the bay of the Costa Smeralda, thanks to new technologies, crossing the data of and Forbes, we can estimate the yachts that stop in the renowned Sardinian coast. In the period of mid-August, the value thus obtained is over 3 billion euros, with assets of their respective owners totally valued at over 100 billion dollars.

The international newspapers attribute these yachts to millionaires and VIPs of the caliber of Usmanov, Al-Fayed, Nancy Walton Laurie, Lakshmi Mittal, Viktor Vekselberg Andrei Skoch, John Caudwell, Sergio Mantegazza, and Leonardo Del Vecchio, to name a few, but in reality, the property turns out to be of foreign companies almost always registered in tax havens.


Back to Porto Cervo, the renowned “Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere”, the beating heart of the town, is a meeting place and hub of typical streets where you can admire the shops and boutiques of the major luxury brands up to “Sottopiazza” along the famous walk “Passeggiata” wrapped in building finishes and furnishing features of the Costa Smeralda style. The beautiful villas, each worth millions, overlooking the sea immersed in the uncontaminated Mediterranean maquis are the result of careful and skillful design work done to maintain as much as possible continuity and integration with the surrounding environment, creating infrastructures and services for an unprecedented evolution of tourists experience.

Porto Cervo Marina is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean Sea with over 700 berths and is one of the best equipped and welcoming areas with related services of great quality for boats. Within walking distance, the prestigious Costa Smeralda Yacht Club is the star of the organization of numerous superyacht regattas and various international and European sailing competitions. 


Events that are part of the broader organizational framework of other sporting events of great interest, first of all, the golf, of course, organized even in the smallest detail.
In fact, the Pevero Golf Club is considered one of the best and most picturesque golf landscapes in the world, where playing is a really fun and an almost surreal refreshment for the spirit, also thanks to the technical characteristics of the sports route inserted in the exclusive naturalistic landscape and the uncontaminated natural beauties that surround it.


The beaches of the Costa Smeralda are an example of untouched nature with vivid and authentic colors now famous and renowned all over the world, lapped by an unique sea with blue and turquoise reflections surrounded by ancient granite rocks. The most famous places are undoubtedly the “Grande Pevero” and the “Piccolo Pevero” respectively the Great and the Little Pevero that have nothing to envy to the world most famous tropical beaches, then there is the “Romazzino” named for the scent of the rosemary plants that characterize it and the Spiaggia del Principe (meaning “Beach of the Prince”), in honor of Imam Aga Khan, moreover you can find the fabulous beaches Pirate Beach and Turtle Beach. While on the opposite side lie the enchanting little coves like “Cala Capriccioli” in the shape of a crescent, “Cala di Volpe” and “Liscia Ruja”.

A little further south is situated Porto Rotondo (meaning “Round Harbour”), another important attraction of the Costa Smeralda. An intertwining of small lanes leads to the square of San Marco, the place of elegant boutiques of prestigious brands, and then there is the church of San Lorenzo, a building with characteristic pink granite.

The real estate transactions in Sardinia are starting to grow again in numbers in the last year, this means that the price will soon follow the positive transactions trend. Usually, this represents a very good moment to buy a property, particularly for the value appreciation.