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Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sardinia, a real pearl of the Mediterranean set between the Gulf of Cugnana and Marinella, on the northeastern coast of the island. It is 25 km away from Olbia Costa Smeralda airport and 13 km from the port of Golfo Aranci, the closest to the peninsula.

Venezia in Miniatura

The village of Porto Rotondo in its current conformation is mainly the work of the creative project, implemented starting in 1964, of two brothers, members of one of the most important Venetian noble families, the Donà Dalle Rose. The visionary entrepreneurs intended to transform it into a refined cultural center, where a prosperous partnership of intellectuals and artists could be established. Porto Rotondo is in fact distinguished by its architecture of high artistic quality, which reproduces a miniature Venice in its overall structure, as evidenced by the name of San Marco given to the main square.

Elite nautical and international tourism

The natural inlet that characterizes the locality circumscribes the “Marina”, which today is able to accommodate hundreds of boats, providing safety and easy access to moorings for elite international nautical tourism. The conjunction of splendid natural landscapes and the elegance of the village, an open-air boutique surrounded by buildings with attention to the smallest details, flanked by exclusive nightlife venues, make Porto Rotondo a privileged destination for those who want to enjoy a high quality of life marked by well-being and luxury.    

Porto Rotondo between landscapes and nature

The beaches of Porto Rotondo are unspoiled natural paradises, among the most enchanting in Sardinia. Above all, the wide beach of Ira stands out, an expanse of fine white sand protected by two promontories that surround its ends. The crystalline sea, characterized by chromatic variations with very light tones, has a medium-shallow seabed that makes bathing safe even for children. On the opposite side extends the Punta Nuraghe beach, due to its position also called Contro Ira, located close to the tip on which stands the fascinating nuraghe from which it takes its name. Another splendid beach is that of Rudargia, an expanse of golden sand grains surrounded by lush vegetation composed of fragrant oleander and juniper trees, which overlooks clear turquoise waters near the shore. At the same time, they become cobalt blue where the bottom becomes deeper.

The characteristic Spiaggia Dei Sassi, formed by small white and pearly-colored stones, and the Shirley Bassey, Punta Lepre, Punta Volpe, and Hruska beaches are also places of incredible beauty. The beaches of Porto Rotondo are also located near the primary restaurant services and parking areas, which are well integrated into the landscape, without compromising its immaculate beauty of the landscape.

The squares and streets between luxury, artists, and masters of Gallura

Among the most particular streets of Porto Rotondo is the path of the Casbah, where numerous arcades and buildings painted in warm colors lead to the square of the same name, so-called due to the oriental atmosphere by which it is surrounded. The internal canals that intersect the spaces near the port, sometimes crossed by small wooden bridges, are reminiscent of Venice, as does the elegant (already mentioned) Piazza San Marco. The latter, created according to a project by the artist Andrea Cascella, stands out for its rounded shape, and is surrounded by luxurious boutiques and refined tasteful bars. Granite worked by master stonemasons from Gallura was used to build the square, as well as for the staircase that leads to the beautiful Church of San Lorenzo.

The place of worship is located right between the houses, as was typical of the Serenissima, also designed by Andrea Cascella in collaboration with the sculptor Mario Ceroli. The beautiful facade and some parts of the interior are made of different materials, from Sardinian granite to finely worked glass. The interior is particularly impressive, the ceiling in fact has the shape of the inverted hull of a ship and is entirely decorated with wood carvings, in the same way as the side walls.

Art between theater, sea creatures, and designer squares

On the axis of the church, there is a wonderful open-air theater with a semicircular shape, with granite columns, a fascinating aesthetic that evokes classical Greek culture. Also famous is “La Vecchia Darsena”, a square made entirely of stone, which is accessed via a majestic staircase, the work of the sculptor Giancarlo Sangregorio. Among other places of interest, one cannot fail to mention the Via del Molo, where the pavement was decorated by the Breton artist Emmanuel Chapalain with images of various marine creatures whose eyes are illuminated at night by LED lights.

Sports, Yacht Club, and fun

Porto Rotondo is also the ideal place for lovers of water sports and more. In fact, the local diving center provides everything you need to practice diving and snorkeling, while kayaking, sailing, and deep-sea fishing are the sporting pride of the renowned Porto Rotondo Yacht Club. Important competitions of these last two disciplines are also held periodically. There are numerous facilities dedicated to other sports such as tennis or padel, within the specific sports center. The riding center of the Era Sarda Equestrian Center is also present in the area.

The village is also distinguished by the presence of luxurious clubs whose frequentation marks the nightlife, especially in spring and summer. Satisfaction is guaranteed to the most demanding requests, thanks to the excellence of the catering and the refinement of the services offered. At Porto Rotondo, concerts and cultural events of considerable interest are also periodically hosted.

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