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Property Finders

When we talk to the client, we try to identify his ideal home in the light of who he is and the lifestyle he is looking for in that house

Why should I use the services of a Property Finder?

The beauty of being assisted by professionals who deal daily with real estate transactions for national and international clients is being able to find the right properties not only in terms of square footage or location, but also in terms of lifestyle, well-being, and context. With greater protection, less stress, and waste of time.

These elements can hardly be deduced from an online search. It is necessary to make use of professionals who know the area. When we talk to our clients, we try to find their ideal home in the light of who they are and the lifestyle they seek in that home.

Often these elements go beyond real estate. 

Therefore, the search for the “perfect” property cannot be concluded with the sole revision of the real estate listing portals (such as Immobiliare, Idealista, Casa, Gate-Away, etc.), but with the help and assistance of experts with the vocation to direct people to the property closest to their needs, expectations, and desires.

Finding the right property can be easier, safer, and more enjoyable

The figure of the property finder is less known than the standard real estate agent. The latter usually promotes properties mandated by the seller and assists potential buyers interested in these specific assets.

Instead, the property finder deals with finding in the market (and also off-market) properties that reflect the needs of the buyer, becoming the only interlocutor for the purchase path.

Often the people who benefit from this assistance have a better experience in finding the property and a memory of a pleasant journey that ranges from research, and visits to the notarial deed of sale.

Time is money

The activity of the property finder is also based on this assumption, taking care of the stress of finding the most suitable property, and dealing with the dialogue with the interested parties on behalf of its customer buyer.

We at Govoni & Partners and AIS like to understand people well, and what they want, and therefore take action to find the right property, even if it is difficult to access or only negotiable with private negotiations. It happens to find properties that turn out to be the right choice for the buyer, which are neither in promotion nor for sale.

Thanks to our approach, we can assist with property searches mainly in Northern Sardinia, where we have our 2 main offices, and in other main touristic destinations in Italy.

Did you not know the property finder or did you not think of using one to search for your home? 

Write to us to find out more and if it convinces you, proceed with the real estate purchase with our assistance.

It is a tested, functional, and optimal method. It significantly reduces the stress and time required to purchase the desired property.