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Real estate in the Metaverse, global investments of 1.5 billion in 2022

metaverse, a man looking in VR. Meaning virtual reality and real estate application

Scenari Immobiliari presented an interesting contribution on the application of the Metaverse in the real estate sector on 28 June in Milan on the occasion of the Event “Forum dell’Abitare 2022”.

Investments in this area are becoming more and more conspicuous, by 2022 it has abundantly exceeded one billion dollars, a figure that should be fivefold in 2025.

Basically, the restrictions are already due to the pandemic, and such multimedia solutions already have great interest from investors. In this immersive experience, with an amazing approach to reality, in the area of ​​interest, you can meet people and test environments or buildings that do not yet exist.

metaverse representation, a man, made of lights, walking around in the space with VR and controllers

No Regulation = Wild wild west

In addition to the availability of 270 thousand real estate “meta-properties” present in the four main online platforms of the metaverse, where there is still no real regulation and the operations take place for the most part on the blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

The newborn Otherside, a new world of the metaverse, made available about 55 thousand plots of land, which were then sold in a few days for almost 800 million euros.

Big Players are there already

In the metaverse, there are also agents and brokers who carry out the classic work of intermediation (also high-end realtors like the Alexander Brothers), as well as the marketing companies that are investing on these platforms to have a slice of the market that is now involving millions of increasingly interested users.

The statements of the big names, such as Mark Zuckerberg, who have invested a lot in the last decade in this parallel world, raise expectations, but it may be necessary to understand if they are dealing with a real business, of common interest, or a business where only a few will be able really to accomplish something.