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Semi-detached house, why does it cost much less than an independent villa?

The semi-detached villa is a building in which there are two properties, generally two families, who usually share a common wall. This wall divides the building and therefore the two properties.

The semi-detached house has much lower prices than an independent villa. Why?
For example, if the owner wants to resell the property it will be more difficult to find a buyer because people often choose the Villa rather than the apartment for independence and greater freedom.

If there is a neighbor so close to the property, you are subject to the moods of the latter and if it is noisy people there will be a strong disturbance in the event of parties or other social situations.

However, this residential typology can make it possible to realize the dream of a villa even with a low budget and not necessarily have to relegate an economic purchase to a “common” apartment.
Even if the villa, albeit semi-detached, requires higher maintenance costs than an apartment. See, for example, the expenses relating to the external area: land, courtyard, or swimming pool.


It always depends on a case-by-case basis on what the person seeks and desires. For some, the semi-detached house is impractical, while for others it can represent an escape from apartment life with more space to use and living more in contact with nature.
There is no perfect property for everyone, everyone has different tastes and needs.

Would you buy a semi-detached house? And if so, would you do it for a living or as an investment?