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Villa Piercy

In Sardinia, there is an enchanting nineteenth-century villa thanks to the foresight of its owner, a rich and powerful man, the Welsh engineer Benjamin Piercy

The engineer Piercy moved to Sardinia to carry out the task of designing and supervising the works of the railway network on the island.

He was so in love with Sardinia that he built a modern and various farm in the Bolotana area on his Badde Salighes estate, which means Valley of the Willows. In the middle of this pristine forest, he built the luxurious English-style villa, which evokes the memory of a medieval castle.

In this magical place with an exclusive atmosphere, there were luxurious social events and important diplomatic meetings for the English and Italian nobility.  It seems that among the illustrious guests, there was also Umberto di Savoia, the future King of Italy.

Regarding the architecture, this English colonial-style villa has a quadrangular plan and consists of three levels with four vertices, surrounded by towers with louvered windows.

On the front door, you can admire the rampant lion coat of arms, a tribute to the Welsh nationality of the ancient owner.  The interior of the villa was characterized by fine furnishings and details, and in the ground floor rooms, there were splendid paintings and art embellishing the environment.

Today, as then, it is relaxing to walk in the splendid garden that surrounds the villa, next to the spontaneous native plants, some of which are thousand-year-old, such as holly, holm oak, maple, and chestnut.  In this garden, it is in fact possible to admire singular arboreal crossings and magnificent exotic plants that represent the precious legacy of the engineer’s travels in different countries of the world.  Among the many rare species that make up this singular botanical garden we remember: the Balearic boxwood, the libocedro, the Spanish fir, the Lawson cypress, the Himalayan cedar.

Properties like Villa Piercy represent unique pieces of history that preserve elements of past ages in their essence. This is also the beauty of Real Estate. If you liked this post, follow us on social media

photo source: La Nuova Sardegna