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Why can rural land be a goldmine?

The points of view for buying real estate will probably change: house in the countryside or apartment?

The world has been battling the worst enemy since WWII, the now sadly known Coronavirus or COVID-19.

In addition to the medical and economic areas that are now subject to continuous updating, an aspect perhaps in the background, but still interesting to consider is how the value and the new perception in the real estate sector can change as a result of this scourge that has fallen significantly symmetrical on all countries of the world.

Perhaps the most alarming data is that the entire international population is stuck for an indefinite time, more than 1 billion people are in their homes and are re-evaluating something that before, absorbed into the daily routine, they did not have the time or energy to think about. The earth.

At this moment, it seems undeniable that those who live in an apartment, perhaps small in an apartment building, are dreaming of a property with a garden or even better land of a few hectares, perhaps such as that which belonged to their ancestor then sold to buy a central apartment in the city.

In short, the desire for a return to the origins.

The perception, in terms of quality of life, is that in the current situation in which we find ourselves paradoxically, a house, even a rural one, with a piece of land is more precious than an apartment in a condominium or an office in Manhattan. The first of course allows you to have much more private space for the most varied activities: running, relaxing and why not sunbathing, enjoying the scent of the countryside, feeling the wind that caresses the vegetation, walking, thinking, and breathing in the open air. The other building, however, is probably an arid space especially when you are looking for freedom. On the other hand, the Latins taught us “mens sana in corpore sana” and when there is the well-being of the body, the mind also benefits.


Like any historical event, a great scourge has a great opportunity. There is the possibility that this new reality that lies ahead will develop in favor of the growing value and interests of independent residential properties with a piece of land, perhaps preferring places not too far from the urban center or well connected with public services in order to safeguard the sense of protection and safety.

Sardinia, being an island in the Mediterranean with a mild climate throughout the year, is one of the perfect candidates for the post-coronavirus for the purchase and investment of residential property especially.

Furthermore, the possibility of working remotely, smart working as digital nomads, previously perceived as a possibility reserved only to professionals or those with particular technological predispositions, is becoming increasingly popular in the collective imagination, becoming almost a standard, especially for the professions of consultancy and office work. Driven also by the strong, growing trend of intelligent work and new opportunities in the digital field, we will keep this topic for a next post.

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