The Italian Artist Mendini made one of the best-known Armchairs in the World

Alessandro Mendini was born in Milan in 1931. He graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic and quickly became a reference point for the renewal of Italian design, he worked with large companies such as Swatch, Swarovski, Cartier, Hermès, Supreme NYC and many others.

During his career, he also devoted himself to the design of furniture, including the famous Proust armchair, exhibited in various art exhibitions, created in 1978 in collaboration with the artist Franco Migliaccio. It is one of the best-known armchairs in the world.

There are many versions of it

This is an armchair in perfect eighteenth-century style, structure decorated by hand with a brush in acrylic colors, together with the fabric, with a texture taken from some details of the pointillism of Paul Signac‘s paintings. This amazing armchair is made in Italy.

Later for about ten years, others were made, all rigorously by hand and supervised by Mendini, some of which bear his signature. Today they are kept in private collections of art galleries, or exhibited in museums.

There are some variants, prepared by design companies such as Cappellini with a revisited fabric, both in decoration and in color.


The same artist has designed a model for the Magis company, solid color especially suitable for outdoor environments with a small gap between the seat and the backrest to allow rainwater to flow.


Then there is a limited series in ceramic and miniature of about 40 cm, for the Superego company, and finally, for the Robot City, a version in Carrara marble is also made in a limited edition.

We want to remember with these words the great architect and artist who won numerous awards including, 3 times in his career, the golden compass.

As far as I am concerned, it is not the project that interests me: I use the design reality not consistent with its own purpose but in order to carry out my natural vital act which is to produce images” Alessandro Mendini.

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