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Sardinia: Natural Haven and Top Retirement Destination. 7% flat tax for those who choose Sardinia

It would be a magnificent idea! Italy is a wonderful destination to live, especially for those who want to spend their holidays, also in view of the future retirement, in a beautiful country. In fact, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization, Italy ranks second in the list of 191 Countries around the world with quality health services.

Great Destination for Any Seasons

The Italian real estate market has attracted and continues to attract thousands of foreigners to purchase properties throughout the territory from north to south, including the islands. Among the most popular destinations are Rome, Venice, and Florence to have a safe and guaranteed economic return and to find a fantastic summer and winter location where you can spend your holidays regenerated in the order of good food and enchanting landscapes rich in history, art and culture.

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However, often finding a property in these first locations is a difficult business, and prices have now risen, making the return on investment more and more long-term. For this reason, southern Italy, including the islands, represents an excellent alternative.

Natural Environment

The Italian landscapes are wonderful as they are different: historic fortified cities, timeless villages that crown small hills, and fields covered with sunflowers. But also vineyards and olive groves, the pastel colors, and scents of orange, lemon, and almond trees, golden beaches, and alpine lakes similar to jewels are found throughout the country.

For those who love being in contact with nature and living in complete relaxation admiring breathtaking scenery, Sardinia rocks! A unique island, rich in history and tradition where time seems to standstill. From the landscape point of view, nothing is missing, from the sea to the mountain, there is even one of the most important deserts in Europe!

The quality of life is excellent and the mild climate, whatever the chosen destination, you always find yourself in contact with nature and you can breathe clean air admiring a dreamy blue sky, crystal clear waters, rugged coasts, and spectacular sunsets.


Another strong point is the quality of the food, the local cuisine has simple and traditional characteristics. Ingredients such as durum wheat semolina, sheep meat, cheese, and honey are the basis of typical and genuine preparations. A land and sea gastronomy that will not cease to amaze and delight in all its conjugations.

Tax Benefits

There are also tax benefits for pensioners who do not reside in Italy and who have foreign pension income, in fact from 2019 Italy recognizes a flat tax of 7% for 5 years for those who choose to move for at least 183 days a year in one of the municipalities of the following regions: Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, Campania, Basilicata, Abruzzo, Molise, and Puglia, with a population not exceeding 20 thousand inhabitants.


Italy, and in particular Sardinia, is one of the top destinations ideal for foreigners who intend to enjoy one of the most loved countries in the world for lifestyle, natural beauty, history, art, fashion, the food and the cheerfulness and lightheartedness of the Italians, a generous people, warm and always welcoming towards the tourist or the foreigner who intends to move making him feel at home.  If this also matches up with a possible 7% taxation for the first 5 years, this is great!