“Les Rhumbs”: the Villa and Garden of Eden that inspired Christian Dior

Villa “Les Rhumbs”, the childhood home of Christian Dior, a treasure trove of culture and greenery, stands on top of a hill in Granville, on the Normandy coast, not far from the famous Mont Saint Michel.

It was built at the end of the nineteenth century and owes its name to the ancient maritime term “rhombus”, which indicated a compass rose divided into 32 compass rhombuses, a symbol that appears in a mosaic adorned with the floor of one of the entrances of the dwelling.

The villa with its characteristic pink color is spread over 3 floors and has become a world-famous museum which houses the artistic genius of the great designer with displays of clothes, accessories, jewels of the famous brand, but also personal objects, photographs, drawings and paintings by the artist.

The great designer Dior was so fond of this place that he wrote: “I have very fond and wonderful memories … of my childhood home. I would even say that my life and my style owe almost everything to its site and its architecture”.

Christian Dior inherited from his mother the love for flowers and plants, protagonists of the large English garden that surrounds the villa. That magnificent garden was the inspiration for the creation of the Miss Dior perfume. The idea of ​​combining lilies of the valley and jasmine with the brackish air came precisely from the villa “Les Rhumbs”, walking through its avenues full of flowers and along the cliff that arouses an ancestral charm, it is easy to rediscover that intense and wonderful scent.

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