The White Donkey in Sardinia

We do not know how long the white donkey has lived on the island of Asinara, in Sardinia. Its albino-colored appearance, with iridescent red and light blue eyes, is similar to the other common Sardinian donkey with a height at the withers that does not reach one meter, the trunk is compact, the shoulder short and the rump slightly inclined.

Although it is structurally well planted on the ground thanks to its straight legs, it has small, white and very delicate hooves.

Originally, it was a farm animal and a result of the gradual abandonment by humans, a predominantly wild species was born.

The characteristic white coat of this donkey is attributable to the mutations that this species has undergone over time in conditions of isolation.

In reality, it remains white only at an early age and as the animal becomes an adult it assumes light colors more tending towards cream.

Someone hypothesized that in the 19th century the donkeys of Asinara were imported from Egypt by the Marquis of Mores, Duke of Asinara;  there are those who hypothesize that they landed on the island following a shipwreck of a vessel bound for France.

The number of occupants throughout Sardinia between bushes and Mediterranean scrub, from the sea to the hinterland, seems to be around 100 specimens, even if they mainly occupy the Asinara National Park.